Curb Weight

What Is Curb Weight Of A Vehicle?

How much does a car weigh?

Cars come in all shapes and sizes, so, naturally, the weight of a car will depend on the model itself. If you get into the finer details, you will find that the same models will weigh differently due to the engine choice or trim levels.

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Car Model

Towing Capacity

Ford F-350

21 000 lbs

RAM 2500

17 000 lbs

RAM 3500

17 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 3500

16 350 lbs

GMC Sierra 3500HD

16 000 lbs

GMC Sierra 2500HD

15 900 lbs

GMC Sierra 3500

15 700 lbs

Ford F-250

15 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 2500

14 150 lbs

What is the car’s curb weight?

Your car’s curb weight is the weight when the car has no passengers and no cargo. All the necessary fluids like engine oil, coolant, window washer fluid, and fuel are included in the weighing process.

The reason why this weight is called curb is that it is the weight of the car while it is sitting parked on a curb, without passengers or cargo.

What is the car’s gross weight?

The gross weight of a car is the curb weight plus the weight of the passengers or cargo that it may carry. Unlike the curb weight, the gross weight can differ even in identical models. A car with one person will weigh less than a car with five passengers and a full trunk.

How to calculate the curb and gross weight of a car?

The curb weight of your car is not something that you can calculate. The manufacturer had already weighted the car in the factory, so that number is known, and your registration papers should contain it.

As for the gross weight of the car, you can estimate it by adding the weight of the passengers and cargo to the curb weight. If you happen to have access to a car scale, then getting the numbers will be easy.

What is the towing capacity, and how to calculate it?

The towing capacity of a car is the weight that it can tow when it has additional load attached to it, and in most cases, it would either be another car or a trailer. Making sure that you are not towing more than the car can handle is essential for safety reasons as well as the longevity of the car. Getting to the right number is slightly more complicated than what most people think, which is why they tend to consult the user manual.

If you tow something that weighs a tenth of the weight of your car, then you are good to go and have nothing to worry about. When you tow something heavier, the rule of thumb is never to exceed the weight of the car, but it’s not that simple. To be able to get a more accurate number, you should subtract the curb weight from the maximum weight of your car along with the full weight it can carry, passengers, and towing weight.

How much weight can my car carry?

The weight that a car can carry cannot be calculated, and you’ll need to rely on the user manual. The reason for that is unlike the towing capacity where you pull the weight behind you; when you carry cargo, the weight falls on the car’s chassis, and suspension and the manufacturer know how much they can handle.