Curb Weight - What is our mission?

What is our purpose?

It can be hard to make a decision when you're trying to buy something. You have to read reviews, compare prices, and figure out what's best for you. Reading all of that information can be time-consuming and frustrating.

The website Curb Weights brings all of that information together in one simple place so you can make the best decision for yourself. Here we help to check out your car`s curb weight, which is the weight of a vehicle including any equipment, consumable liquids, and a full tank of fuel. So you can easily see how much your car weighs and be able to compare it with other cars in its class. Even if you already know a lot about cars our website can come in handy for checking out

Of course, you can do it yourself and look up the curb weight of your car on the Internet. However, such sites as Wikipedia doesn`t have a very user-friendly interface, and going through all those search results can be annoying.

That is why we made this website to make it easier for you. Here one may compare the weights with other cars from different classes so you can choose what will be best for you! You can even see how much difference an extra passenger or stuff in the trunk makes here as well as explore how weight distribution affects the way a car handles.

About the team was founded by Carlos J. Adelman, who has been a true auto fan since he was young. He loves camping and traveling as well! Because of his love for cars, he became a professional car driver in the past. Today, he spends most of his time on helping people with their weight loss goals! Carlos decided to create this website for such auto enthusiasts that will help them in their daily life.

We have professional writers that work hard to bring you useful information about cars and a lot more! Here on, we discuss everything from top-selling cars, truck weights, car curb weight, best fuel economy as well as several other topics. Our website is visited by thousands of people every month so keep coming back for more news about new cars as well as great advice dealing with vehicle weight issues.