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How heavy is a Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a typical American pickup truck... Here we start laughing. It's not a typical truck that you can see hundreds of them anywhere. Under its hood, there are strength, security and value. The Silverado is much more than just a car with a great look.

Horsepower, torque, how much cargo space, how many passengers can sit, payload... Of course, these and other vehicle specs play an essential role when choosing your next car. But there's one more factor that has a significant value on every spec - the vehicle's weight.

Why is it important? You ask - we answer. The vehicle's weight has a big influence on several important things - fuel consumption, performance ratings, payload, safety, and others. If the car weighs so much, the more power it'll take to drive; the more difficulties it'll cause when accelerating and slowing down. We can discuss the importance of knowing the weight for a long time, but we're talking about something different - the Silverado and its curb weight.

In case you don't know what the curb weight is, we'll explain. It's the weight of the vehicle that contains all regular features, except for the load, passengers and any cargo items that are loaded individually. The curb weight doesn't also refer to the modifications that you can use to the vehicle. So now, let's look at the curb weight of the Chevy Silverado.

The weight of the Silverado varies from 4,265 pounds to 5,155 pounds. Why is it so? It's because the truck's curb weight is dependent on the trim level, sizes of the cab and bed. Below, we show you the Silverado's curb weight considering its models:

The entry-level, Silverado Work truck has a curb weight from 4,257 lbs to 4,965 lbs. The curb weight of the LT trim is rated from 4,693 lbs to 4,965 lbs. The next Silverado's version, RST, comes with a varying weight from 4,702 lbs to 4,965 lbs. When it's on the curb, the LTZ model weights from 4,693 lbs to 4,965 lbs. The next highest trims, the High Country and LT Trail Boss can have the following curb weight - from 4,702 lbs to 4,965 lbs and from 5,100 lbs to 5,155 lbs respectively.

If we compare the Silverado's curb weight and its big competitor, the Ford F-150, we'll see that the Chevy is lighter. It's great because if the car is lightweight, the bigger the payload capacity it can provide. So, let's see.

Again, the Silverado's trims and cab configurations significantly affect its payload capacity. So, the figures are the following:

The basic Work Truck's payload ratings can vary from 1,960 lbs to 2,250lbs. With the LT trim, you'll have the payload from 1,960 lbs to 2,040 lbs. The RST model delivers the payload capacity from 1,960 lbs to 2,030 lbs. The LTZ can offer you the payload capacity that varies from 2,020-lbs to 2,040-lbs. As for the top trim levels, the High Country and LT Trail Boss, they provide the payload capacity from 1,960 lbs to 2,030 lbs and from 1,760-lbs to 1,770 lbs.


The curb weight of Chevrolet Silverado 1500 may be found on the plate under the tire, loading section or under the hood.

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