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How heavy is a Ford F-150

Once you decide to buy a new vehicle, you'll surely look at the engine performance, cabin and cargo space, towing capacity, and other specs. While all this is very important, there's one spec that the customers often underestimate, but it carries critical implications - the weight of the vehicle.

Any responsible car owner must know the weight of the vehicle. Without knowing this, there is no confidence that the loads you carry will be safe. The vehicle's weight also means so much especially when it comes to performance.

What is the lightweight full-size pickup truck in the world? In case you have no idea about it, we’ll tell you – it’s the Ford F-150. In this article, we'll discuss its weight and its importance.

The Ford F-150’s weight varies depending on what engine it has under the hood. The curb weight and gross weight of one of the favorite American pickups are almost identical, and they vary by around 2,000 pounds on 1,000-2,000 total weight differences. When knowing the curb and cross weight, and the difference between them, you'll understand how your F-150 can perform.

Let’s try to figure out – what are the curb weight and gross weight? The curb weight is the weight that the vehicle has when it does not have any passengers and loads. The gross weight means the total weight that your truck can take. It means the weight of the vehicle itself, plus all the necessary operational things (transmission fluid, gas, oil, etc.), along with cargo and passengers. Now let's see how much Ford F-150 weighs in terms of curb and gross weight.

The Ford F-150 curb weight varies. It’s dependent on the following things – the trim level and the engine type. Its maximum curb weight is rated at around 5,684 pounds. We also must admit that the curb weight of the Ford F-150 can differ from what it is when it first rolled off the production line. It's because you can use some modifications, custom jobs, or add some equipment to the truck.

As for the Ford F-150 gross weight, it varies - the minimum is 6,100 pounds, and the maximum is 7,050 pounds.

The curb and gross weight have colossal importance when it comes to payload capacity. When the truck is going through the process of designing with the usage of lightweight materials, its overall weight can be reduced. The payload becomes bigger in case the weight is lighter.

If we compare with other trucks in the segment, the Ford F-150 is a leader with its payload figures. When it’s well-fitted, it can take 3,270 pounds. It's similar to the Ford F-150 of the 2019 model year.

And what about the towing capacity? It's the question that always comes to mind when looking for a new vehicle. Here, the Ford F-150 has something to show you. When it’s properly equipped, the Ford F-150 can tow up to 13,200 pounds of trailer weight. However, the pickup can do much more than this. No matter what equipment you have in it, you can rely on it when you have to do the heaviest work.


The curb weight of Ford F-150 may be found on the plate under the tire, loading section or under the hood.

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